EXPLORE involves digging deeper in order to see the world as the people see. It requires personally encountering People Groups. In so doing, one begins understanding what they deem important in life and their worldview. (CLICK HERE . . . “Closing the Gap – What Island Are You From?” – An Article on Understanding Worldview).

A few ways to begin encountering People Groups include:

  • Visit Sacred, Religious Sites (e.g. Buddhist Temple, Islamic Mosque, etc.)
  • Eat at an Ethnic Restaurant (e.g. Malaysian Restaurant, Thai Restaurant, Vietnamese Restaurant, etc.)
  • Shop at Ethnic Supermarket
  • Attend one of the Festivals
  • Go to Places that they Work
  • Etc.

In short, the best way to begin encountering People Groups is by visiting the places that they reside, work, worship, and associate with one another.

TAKE NOTE: Critical in the process of encountering People Groups is making objective observations and asking cultural sensitive questions. Without both, one can easily draw conclusions that are not true concerning a People and who they are in reality.

To help in this process of making objective observations and asking culturally sensitive questions, the following training workbook is available for use.

The World As They See provides a hands-on approach to writing an ethnographic record. In six lessons, learners will gain knowledge and experience in how-to write an ethnographic record. The six lesson topics include:

  1. Avoiding Mistakes
  2. Taking Field Notes
  3. Making Objective Observations
  4. Asking Cultural Appropriate Questions
  5. Selecting a Subject Category
  6. Writing the Ethnographic Record

The goal of the above six lessons is to help cross-cultural workers learn one of many steps in unearthing the worldview of their focus people. As learners work through this manual, be sure to do the assignments. Work though one lesson at a time, completing the activities and assignments before continuing onto the next lesson.

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