Find Balance in Leisure Time …

I have several friends who spend their leisure time in a variety of ways. Some ride motorcycles with others who also have motorcycles. Another one cruises around in his restored 1967 Pontiac Firebird. While others attend professional sporting games during their leisure time.

How we spend our leisure time often indicates our deep seated value system or what we really deem important in life. It often indicates whether our first question ranges from “what is best for me?” to “what is best for others?” or anywhere in between these two extremes.

As American Christians, we can easily allow our cultural value of individualism to be our only driving force when it comes to deciding how to use our leisure time. In so doing, we then fall prey of a “me” centered religion. Today on this Lord’s day reflect on how you spend your leisure time – find balance somewhere in between.


Christmas and Receptivity

During this Christmas season there are foreign born university students who are still on many university campuses. Most universities have closed their cafeteria doors and places to eat off campus are more limited due to being closed for Christmas day.

Moreover, there are many others this day who are just alone not because they desire it but because their circumstances require it.

We often on Christmas day are consumed with our own families. Why not this day take some time to at the least pray for all the people alone this day or do not have a place to go or have just not been invited by someone to celebrate Christmas?

Or better yet take an hour or two and take a plate of food to a homeless person down the road!!!