bryanDr. Bryan K. Galloway (Trainer, Researcher, & Consultant) serves with the International Mission Board (IMB) of the Southern Baptist Convention.  My family and I resided for 25 plus years in Asia Pacific.  Presently, I serve as an IMB Senior Research Analyst leading an initiative (PeopleGroups.info) to discover and engage people groups in North America.

I am often writing posts late in the evening. After all, this blog exists as an overflow to my day-job. It also exists because I have the strong conviction that my readers, although anonymous, form a powerful social network that is ultimately helping me build on journeys in culture and among people groups.

I started this blog with the purpose of journaling interviews, insights learned, images, travel, and just about anything else dealing with culture and my encounters among people groups cross-culturally. Moreover, as a Christian, I began this blog because I wanted to cloth those journeys with my faith. In other words, I wanted to express how I see cultural phenomenon and ethno-linguistic people groups not just from a secular viewpoint but from my own faith’s perspective.

The views posted by me here are my own, and do not represent any institution or company with which I am affiliated.

Enjoy your visit, look around at some of the postings, and visit again.

I would love to hear your journeys in culture and among people groups cross-culturally.   I also welcome any questions or comments that you might have.

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